Skimmer pool

The free-board swimming pool also widely known as the skimmer pool has been one of the most frequently built swimming pools. This particular design enables a more cost effective and maintenance services-friendly option. Generally the upper perimeter is finished with an edging tile, the water level is usually regulated around four inches below the pool surround.

In a skimmer system the pool skimmer device is fixed on to the pool wall and connected to the suction pump of your swimming pool. As the pump works to circulate the water in the pool, it is filtered through the skimmer and the pool’s filtration system. The skimmer collects floating debris, oil and other "lighter-than- water" debris, such as twigs and leaves, insects and other items floating
on the surface of the water, which allows for a more efficient pool filtration system. Cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets regularly is important to the overall maintenance of your swimming pool.