July 28, 2017

Filteration plants

The Fiberglass Pool filters supplied by Alpha Aqua Pools are the best for your pool in terms of quality , durability, performance and most of all easy to maintain. We deal in a wide range of Imported and Indigenous filters to suit every pool need and site conditions.

While sand filters are the oldest and most popular method of filteration, we also offer Cartridge filters, and Pipeless filters.

Available in various sizes are available in Top Mount & Side Mount complete with laminated polyester reinforced with fiber glass filters and filtration system together with multi-port valve etc. The sand filters extra thick molded fiberglass tank assures longer life and are resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

Available in various sizes in Fiber glass and equipped with cartridge element. Contaminants & debris are collected in the fine fibers of the cartridge element pleats. The Cartridge element is easily removed from the filter tank for periodic cleaning eliminating the need for backwashing of the filtration system. Auto pressure release preventing damage to pump and filter should filter become blocked. No back washing of filter required.

For small Pools & Spas
A pipeless filter is an all-in-one solution for a pool and can be installed into any swimming pool. Available in various sizes in Acrylic + Fiber glass and equipped with Pump, Underwater Light and necessary internal plumbing. Some models also come equipped with a whirlpool massage nozzle and a stainless steel hand rail.
The pipeless filter provides superior water quality with less energy usage. It integrates multiple functions of filteration, disinfection, vacuum cleaning, illumination and whirlpool massage. It requires no extra room, its user friendly, easy maintenance, no plumbing in pool and hence no additional equipments for your pool.