July 28, 2017

Deckdrain pool

Deck Drain Pools – Visually it gives a ‘full’ pool look! It has a large surface area that spills over the deck into the drain around the perimeter of the pool, the flowing water generally keeps the pool visually clean – without the need to manually scoop out the floating leaves and debris.
A channel is constructed around the edge / perimeter of the pool and inside this channel there are drains (normally called gutter drains) which collect the water and sends it to a balancing tank. This tank “balance” and compensate for the water leaving the pool through the drains. This balancing tank has a water-level regulator connected to a water-supply line. With this system, when the water reaches a predetermined low level, a valve will be activated which allows water from the supply line to fill the tank. This is to ensure that there is always sufficient water for the pump to operate correctly without sucking air. The water is pumped through the filtration system and back out through the return inlets in the pool.

Reflecting Pools – This pool creates an amazing effect where the water’s surface looks like a flat sheet of glass or appears to be perfectly contained without walls. This effect is created by a perimeter overflow,  in which the water overflows its edges and flows into a hidden slot or catch basin where it is then recycled back into the pool. This function is similar to an infinity-edge pool, but with a perimeter overflow, the water overflows on all four sides.