May 31, 2014

About Us

ALPHA AQUA POOLS & SPAS, a venture co-founded by us, Arvind & Diana.  With 16 years of experience in the pool industry, we have successfully completed several projects . At every stage of work execution we ensure personal involvement, right from designing your dream pool to  completion and beyond including all techno-mechanical works. We have worked with some high profile architects, reputed builders and esteemed individuals besides leading resorts & hotels.

At ALPHA AQUA we specialize in custom built pools and spas  that are most of all safe, affordable and beautiful and often feature waterfalls, customised stone materials and aesthetically unique finishes, making every pool and spa a piece of art by itself. We’ve succeeded in translating into reality our esteemed client’s pool expectations, giving an experience that will last a life time – most importantly giving value for money. And all this backed by prompt post sales / service support.

At ALPHA AQUA we set ourselves apart from  local and small pool builders with our strong experienced team of experts from the pool industry and with our own expertise of nearly a decade and a half, standing behind every Pool & Spa we build even long after the job has been completed.  You can be assured that when you choose ALPHA AQUA POOLS & SPAS over other pool companies, you are choosing only the most Dependable & Best in the industry – because we are constantly Redefining Pools!  Building Better than the best!!